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Local SEO is about locally modified search phrases and keywords.

There are two types of SEO - Local Search Engine Optimisation and Global Search Engine Optimisation. Local SEO is about generic targeted keywords transformed with a local environmentmobile-optimisation in order to gain certain web traffic from a particular area to your website. While a Global SEO focuses on a much larger scale of generic targeted keywords to get traffic to your website.  Local SEO is about increasing the visibility of your business by pushing your website to the top of local search listings. Geographically and relevant traffic is a must if you have a local business.  You need to drive your business to the top of local listings through specifically targeted local rankings.

Our SEO team provide local SEO search strategies that are specifically designed for your local area or location.  It’s important that your business is found in major mapping services like Google and organic search results especially if you have a local business. The days of looking through the Yellow Pages are all but gone.  Times have certainly changed and using digital devices to search for a business is now the most common way that consumers will find your business.



Local SEO utilises locally modified search phrases and keywords specialised in local sections.  Grow your business organically by using our marketing strategies to build a stronger customer base.  The Rokai team work tirelessly to ensure that your business achieves higher rankings in local search results.  We do this by continually checking where your web traffic is coming from then implementing a different technique depending on our analytic data for accuracy.

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Our long-term goal is to ensure that your business earns outstanding local search listing results ahead of your local competitors.  We will ensure that no matter how people wish to search for a business or service you offer, your business will be found in local search results on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Successfully engage your target audience with our local SEO strategies and increase your profitability through increased exposure.  The SEO team at Rokai will ensure that your online business listings are optimised and accurate including major mapping systems and services like Google Maps, that provide ease in finding your business location.

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